About Us


Hopefinders, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) faith-based organization that is approved and structured to operate in the state of Maryland and the District of Columbia.


Hopefinders, Inc. offers a restorative approach.


Our restorative approach centers on responsibility, healing and inclusion with a strength-based approach. We seek to identify the strengths of the individuals and families and to help build a support system.


This restorative approach places a strong emphasis on repairing the harm of self defeating behaviors that have caused a crippling effect on individual's lives, a breakdown in family structure then rebuilding confidence and self esteem for stability.

Major goals are to build empathy while recognizing the context of the problem and to empower each individual and family to move beyond self defeating behavior.


Collectively, Hopefinders, Inc.  has  over 20 years of combined experience and practice in the areas of Health, Wellness, Human Service and Recreation.


Restoring HOPE

In People's Lives


Executive Board of Directors

Kevin L. Henry


Louis J. Young


Louis Young III

Sports Director
Kena L. Barnes Treasurer
S-Monita Jackson, Phd Board of Directors
Katherine B. Henry, MA Board of Directors
Debra Butler Board of Directors